MOMS™ AT offers integrated merchant services and has been certified through TransFirst. Credit cards and electronic checks can be processed directly through the MOMS™ software and then posted directly to the patient's account.

TransFirst Transaction

Credit Card Transaction

To simplify the process TransFirst will issue a card reader with the registration. This will save time from typing the card number manually. Once all data has been verified just click a button and your transaction will be given the 'AUTHORIZED' or 'APPROVED' status.

All major credit cards will be accepted: VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. Also any Bank Card with a logo from the previous mentioned cards will be accepted.

Electronic Checks

The other method of payment through our merchant services is accepting electronic checks. Taking electronic checks reduces paper and speeds the process of writing the checks.

Voids and Credits

Voids and Credits are methods to cancel a transaction depending if it has settled. If a correction is necessary, then it will fall under these two options. Voids are same day transactions or transactions that have not settled. Credits on the other hand are transactions that have settled. To ease the stress we have implemented filters to show all transactions that are voidable or creditable without conflicting with each other.