MOMS™ AT Document and Imaging management provide the capability to store various digital documents and images  within the patient's record for convenient access.  This allows an office away with paper by scanning information or downloading it directly into the system.

MOMS™ AT is compatible with most TWAIN-compliant scanners. This allows support for multi-page documents using a sheet-feed scanner. The following document types are supported:

  • Image files (.jpg, .bmp, and .png)
  • Office documents (including .doc and .xls)
  • PDF files
  • Custom Forms (via our Form Designer)

Scanning and Terminal Services

Scanning from your Desktop is easy, but if you are using Terminal Services to run your applications, you may be in for a suprise. There is currently nothing built into Citrix or Terminal Services that allows for the server to use the scanner located on your desktop, thus it is normally impossible to scan under Terminal Services. Fortunately there is a company known as RemoteScan™ that has developed a solution for the problem. The RemoteScan™ product allows your local scanner to be used even under Terminal Services thus allowing any TWAIN Compliant application to use your scanner.

Document and Image Screens

Imaging Made Easy
Office Documents
Imaging Made Easy
Office Documents
Imaging Made EasyTo scan an image from a TWAIN Compliant scanner into a MOMS AT Patient Chart its as simple as opening the Documents tab, entering edit mode, and pressing the Scan Image button.

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