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Managing claims can be a daunting task, with MOMS™ AT all of your  electronic claims will be located in the Electronic Claim Manager (ECM). From the ECM, one can see all electronic claims that are accepted, rejected, and awaiting response. The list of claims can be sorted or filtered by date, status, or payer. For claims that have been rejected, the ECM will show a brief description of the error and provide options to quickly correct the claim.

Supported Clearinghouses

  • Availity
  • Gateway EDI

ECM Screens

Quickly Fix Rejected Claims
Electronic Claims
Quickly Fix Rejected Claims
Electronic Claims
Quickly Fix Rejected ClaimsVarious options are presented via the right-click, from printing a response file to maneuvering to other areas within our software to correct and resubmit this claim in question. Having the ECM at your disposal reduces the chances of losing track of a claim, and improves the efficiency of correcting the claim, resubmitting and getting it paid.

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