DataTel Solutions has created the ultimate medical office scheduler. This template-driven, multi-facility, multi-resource appointment scheduler, is completely integrated into MOMS™ AT. The appointment scheduler is intuitive, user friendly and most importantly customizable. Designed specifically for Medical Offices the appointment scheduler employs a technique known as a modified wave schedule. The template driven schedule is designed to accommodate a variety of situations, colors, and time intervals are based on the Physician (or resource) and can be independently customized to suite the clinics' needs.

Scheduler Features

The MOMS™ AT appointment scheduler is based on a modified wave scheduling concept. The schedule is template driven and allows for extensive customization for each Physician, Facility, and Appointment Type.

  • Multi-Resource - physician, nurse, X-Ray, Lab, etc
  • Multi-Facility - one or more Physicians or resources at multiple locations
  • Allows surgery scheduling - with physician, hospital, and patient notes
  • Color customization - per doctor or resource
  • Custom facility views
  • Custom appointment Types and Time Intervals - per doctor or resource
  • Template Driven
  • Three View Styles - Doctor View, Facility View, and Week View
  • Real-Time Eligibility Request
  • Time blocking capability

Appointment Creation


  • Scheduling new patients - with or without a current patient account
  • Look up feature for existing patients
  • Point, click, copy, cut and paste features
  • Allows double or triple booking
  • Allows patient visit specific notes
  • Allows appointment blocking for flagged patient accounts
  • Meeting Blocker - To block out time as needed for meetings.
  • Multiple Scheduling -Up to four physiciansor resources simultaneously
  • Search Next Available Appointment with multiple optional criteria
  • Repetitive Scheduling - Perfect for ongoing repetitive visits

Show, No-Show, Cancellations and Rescheduling

  • Recording of show and no-show of individual patient visits
  • Cancel Appointment - Requires documented reason for visit cancellation.
  • Copy, Cut and Paste Scheduling
  • Delete Appointment = may br restricted to administrator Only
  • Reschedule Appointments Immediately, or
  • Mark Appointments for Later Rescheduling
  • Patient visit and rescheduling history
  • Optional automatic billing for missed appointments

Additional Tools

  • Super-bill printing
  • Appointment Verification Tools - including email
  • Online insurance eligibility
  • Printing letters, upcoming appointments, receipts, and other
  • Appointment search - for patients that forgot and appointment date
  • Front Desk Co-pay Collection Tool
  • Hospital Rounds Tracking
  • Multiple Event Calendars
  • Show and No-Show indicators to document patient's failure to show.
  • Unlimited Custom Facility Views
  • And more

Scheduler Screens

Event Calendar
Monthly Appointment Listing
Search Appointments by Patient Name
Multiple Concurrent Scheduling
Week View
Cancelling An Appointment
Event CalendarMOMS™ AT provides multiple event calendar with restrictions on who can edit them. Each calendar has its own set of permissions.

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