DataTel Solutions has created the ultimate medical office scheduler. This template-driven, multi-facility, multi-resource appointment scheduler, is completely integrated into MOMS™ AT. The appointment scheduler is intuitive, user friendly and most importantly customizable. Designed specifically for Medical Offices the appointment scheduler employs a technique known as a modified wave schedule. The template driven schedule is designed to accommodate a variety of situations, colors, and time intervals are based on the Physician (or resource) and can be independently customized to suite the clinics' needs.

Scheduler Features

The MOMS™ AT appointment scheduler is based on a modified wave scheduling concept. The schedule is template driven and allows for extensive customization for each Physician, Facility, and Appointment Type.

  • Multi-Resource - physician, nurse, X-Ray, Lab, etc
  • Multi-Facility - one or more Physicians or resources at multiple locations
  • Allows surgery scheduling - with physician, hospital, and patient notes
  • Color customization - per doctor or resource
  • Custom facility views
  • Custom appointment Types and Time Intervals - per doctor or resource
  • Template Driven
  • Three View Styles - Doctor View, Facility View, and Week View
  • Real-Time Eligibility Request
  • Time blocking capability

Appointment Creation


  • Scheduling new patients - with or without a current patient account
  • Look up feature for existing patients
  • Point, click, copy, cut and paste features
  • Allows double or triple booking
  • Allows patient visit specific notes
  • Allows appointment blocking for flagged patient accounts
  • Meeting Blocker - To block out time as needed for meetings.
  • Multiple Scheduling -Up to four physiciansor resources simultaneously
  • Search Next Available Appointment with multiple optional criteria
  • Repetitive Scheduling - Perfect for ongoing repetitive visits

Show, No-Show, Cancellations and Rescheduling

  • Recording of show and no-show of individual patient visits
  • Cancel Appointment - Requires documented reason for visit cancellation.
  • Copy, Cut and Paste Scheduling
  • Delete Appointment = may br restricted to administrator Only
  • Reschedule Appointments Immediately, or
  • Mark Appointments for Later Rescheduling
  • Patient visit and rescheduling history
  • Optional automatic billing for missed appointments

Additional Tools

  • Super-bill printing
  • Appointment Verification Tools - including email
  • Online insurance eligibility
  • Printing letters, upcoming appointments, receipts, and other
  • Appointment search - for patients that forgot and appointment date
  • Front Desk Co-pay Collection Tool
  • Hospital Rounds Tracking
  • Multiple Event Calendars
  • Show and No-Show indicators to document patient's failure to show.
  • Unlimited Custom Facility Views
  • And more

Scheduler Screens

Search Appointments by Patient Name
Event Calendar
Cancelling An Appointment
Week View
Multiple Concurrent Scheduling
Monthly Appointment Listing
Search Appointments by Patient NameIf an patient is registered and they don't have an account, it might be necessary or useful to locate a patient by their name. This feature allows you to find all patients with the first and/or last name as entered.

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