Datatel Solutions - Partner List

The partners featured on our website are companies who have jointly developed a software interface or developed a solution with Datatel Solutions. Their product names and logos are shown on this site for informational purposes only. It should not be construed that either party is recommending or marketing the others products or services. We encourage you to check their references before making a decision to purchase a product or service.

formally July Soft

Amtec Equipment Leasing

DMS Mail

Laboratory Corporation of America

Pathology Reference Laboratory

Quest Diagnostics

Third Party Integration & Interfaces

The capabilities of the EMR Interfaces we provide vary.  We work with any vendor that is HL7 2.3 compliant via TCPIP or File Transmission.  Our desired level of integration is bi-directional, if available.  This type of transmission is where Patient Demographics and Appointment Data is sent from our MOMS AT software into the third party application and Billing Data is sent from the third party application into MOMS AT™ . We recommend HL7 interfaces when you need communication between your MOMS AT™ Practice Management and third party application.



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