MOMS AT Lab Module


By default MOMSAT incorporates a standard requistion printing capability. But for those offices requiring more than just completion of demographics on lab requistions we offer our third generation laboratory add on module.




Why you need a Laboratory Module

The Lab Module is designed for offices needing historical tracking of Lab results and orders. Sure you could just scan the lab results into MOMS AT without the Lab Module. But even if you scanned them, you wouldn't be able to chart or graph the results. Old lab results would sit in the patient's chart and take up hard drive space. But what if even old results could be useful?


By taking advantage of the historical data, graphs and reports can be generated to show the trend. This can be useful for encouraging a patient to keep up the good work he or she is doing, or to identify the effectiveness of a particular medication. Is the patient not following your instructions to his or her detriment, a graph showing the problem might well convince the patient to change their habits.

Lab Module Features

The Lab Resulting Module is divided into three parts; Config and Setup, Order Entry, and Results Tracking. Each of these parts contain numerous details that make the Lab Module unique but best of all its simple to use. The Lab Module features a consolidated design that incorporate Medications, Diagnosis History, Upcoming Appointments, and Lab Results into a single screen.

Config and Setup

The configuration and setup of the lab module allows for files to imported so that your lab company can do most of the data entry for you by providing you an excel spreadsheet containing order and result codes and an insurance carrier crosswalk.


  • Diagnosis Restrictions for Order Codes
  • Insurance Code Importing
  • Order Code Importing
  • Result Code Grouping
  • Result Code Importing
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Lab Interfaces
  • Cross-Tab Style Lab Insurance Cross Walk

Order Entry

  • Interactive Warning System
  • Unlimited Results Categories
  • Laboratory Independent Use multiple Laboratories at the same time.
  • Previous Diagnosis feature to quickly enter common Lab Orders.
  • Lookup Diagnosis and Orders by Code or Description
  • Electronic Orders Interface Available for LabCorp


  • Electronic Results Interface Available for LabCorp
  • Manual Results Entry Capability
  • Results Cross Tab - Don't just view results compare them quickly against previous results.
  • Graph Results - Up to 3 different results simultaneously
  • Graph Base Lines to show high and low bars on the graph.
  • Group Results by Category (i.e. Blood)

MOMS AT Laboratory Vendors

The MOMS AT Laboratory module is designed to send and receive orders from multiple labs simultaneous. The first version of the product was finished in November 2005. Since that time the following lab vendors have sought an interface:

  • Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)
  • Due to the significant investment required of both vendors in developing an interface, new interfaces are generally written on a need basis. If your Laboratory Vendor isn't listed here give us a call, we'd be glad to speak with them.


These screen show ficticious patients with ficticious orders and results. In a true clinical setting orders and results will have a more realistic appearance, the results shown are for demonstration purposes.

Orders and Results Summary

A summary of outgoing orders the date, the status of the order, and time they were resulted if any.

Lab Results History

A cross-tab containing the Lab Results in reverse-cronological order (newest first, oldest last.) In this case the patient shown has been having a Glucose Serum test conducted 6 times over a one month period. This is of course an exaggeration so that the graph below is more meaningful.

Lab Results Graph

A graph showing the same glucose results with a base line low of 80 and a high of 120.

Lab Result Print Out

This is a result print preview of an AFP. Other lab results can be printed in a similar manner. This shows how non-graphable data could be displayed.

Laboratory Order Screen

This screen shot shows a simple order entry of a Blood Lead and a Lipid Panel. Notice that the extra information for the Blood Lead appears as an "attachment" to the Orders form as is currently marked 'Needed' because it has not been filled out.