MOMS Ticket Center™ is a program developed by Datatel Solutions, Inc. that allows calls to be monitored by a ticketing system. This program allows us to schedule follow up tasks, escalate calls, and monitor the progress of a call up to the point of resolution. This program was developed to improve the flow of calls we receive in the support department.  A ticket number is assigned for tracking purposes and allows customers to follow and monitor the progress of their inquiry from their own computers.

Datatel Solutions, Inc. will be implementing the Ticket Center™ beginning in July 17, 2011.  The implementation will be in two phases.
Phase One – We will launch the ticket system and help our customers make the transition from the traditional call center to the new Ticket Center™. During phase one the system will be available and visible only to the Datatel Solutions, Inc. staff.

Customers can expect the following:
1. The support staff will begin to answer calls utilizing a script system that will allow customer identification, assess the type or category of the  call, and determine if the call is part of an open ticket or a new inquiry.  
2. Next, the support staff will issue a ticket number, if necessary for the call that will allow the customer to track or refer back to the same situation.
3. Finally, multiple tickets may be issued for calls that involve multiple inquiries as a way to make sure we address all items in a multiple inquiry request. This will help us bring prompt resolution to simple inquiries, and escalate or follow up on the inquiries that are more complex.

Phase Two – We will launch the customer’s internet access to Ticket Center™. This will allow the customer to summit inquiries via internet, monitor the progress of a call or inquiry, close a ticket, and rate the level of satisfaction of the outcome of the call or inquiry. The customer will also be able to reopen a ticket if further assistance is needed.
Customers can expect:
1. A new screen in your MOMS™ AT software help menu will allow the customer to submit inquiries, monitor the progress of an inquiry, and close and rate a ticket.
2. The customer will be able to provide feedback as part of the ticket. This feedback can be additional information to help us better understand the situation, or comments related to the ticket.
3. A history of tickets will be available for review by the customer.
4. The customer can use the ticket center to rate the assistance that was provided to insure a continuous improvement in the customer support department.

We are working hard to make changes that will improve the customer experience with Datatel Solutions, Inc. and our family of MOMS™ Products.

If you have questions or concerns please contact:
Support Department: Sheila Ortiz This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ticket Center™: David Furst This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Or you can contact us anytime at (210) 558-3733.